Democracy, civics and active participation in the community are not things with which we are born — they must be learned.

Which is why Classroom Law Project brings vital and engaging civics and law-related education programs into Oregon schools, teaching students at all grade levels the values and skills essential to being a participating citizen in our democracy. Each year, our innovative, timely, practical and fun programs involve and inspire over 880 teachers and 63,000 students across Oregon.  We are fortunate to partner with Lewis and Clark Law School.

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Law Camp Students Put Their Skills On Trial

Thirteen students from Ms. Valerie Turner’s social studies class at Beaumont Middle School spent last week learning how the American court system works. These students took part in Law Camp, a partnership between Classroom Law Project  and Lewis & Clark Law School. The immersive experience gives them practical experience in what it’s like to be […]


Grant High School Takes Second in National We the People Competition

Every year, hard-working teams of high school students gather in the nation’s capital to demonstrate their knowledge of the complex workings of our Constitution and democracy. On April 24, the Grant High School Generals placed second in the prestigious competition, coming in behind the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies from […]


Classroom Law Project Celebrates Justice Hans Linde

  On April 26, Classroom Law Project honored Justice Hans Linde as the 2017 Jonathan U. Newman Legal Citizen. Justice Linde is a retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice and long-time legal educator and scholar. He is renowned as one of the foremost thinkers in constitutional law, particularly as it applies to state constitutions and the […]



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