Civic Scholars

*** New in 2015, Continues in 2016 ***

State legislators from every district are naming two exceptional teachers from their district to be their Civic Scholars. This is part of a statewide initiative to enhance high quality professional development in civic education for teachers. What will these special teachers receive for this honor?

  • Free registration fee to the Oregon Civic Civics Conference
  • Sub pay
  • Travel assistance (gas and hotel!)
  • Recognition at the conference
  • Follow-up support throughout the year!
  • We’re looking forward to meeting all of our Civic Scholars in December!

CLP is working with Oregon legislators now to select the Scholars for this school year. You can make their task easier by nominating yourself.

Need to verify your who your legislator is? Use this handy tool.

Feel free to use this draft letter as a starting point.

Click here more information about the Oregon Civics Conference.