Mock Trial DVD

The following Mock Trial DVDs are available for $10 each:

Mock Trial 2015 – Leon v. Chinook County Transportation District and Lindsey Palmer A civil rights case involving a police officer’s use of alleged excessive force on a suspect

Mock Trial 2014 – Perez v. Dempsey Soccer player bumps her head one too many times. Whose fault it is?

Mock Trial 2013 – State v. Durden The case involves death by excessive drinking of water.  Could it be criminal?

Mock Trial 2012 – Cavanaugh v. Cup of Joe The case involves a civil dispute when hot coffee purchased from a local shop burns a customer. Was the coffee too hot to handle?

Mock Trial 2011 – State v. Willy Freeman A criminal case where the partner of a restaurant is found frozen in the cooler.

Mock Trial 2010 – State v. Lane A criminal case where the defendant, a rap artist, is charged with inciting a riot and arson.

Mock Trial 2009 – Simon v. Swift and Eastside High School: A civil case where the deceased was a student-athlete who had used steroids.

Mock Trial 2008 – State v. Campbell: A criminal case where the bullying victim is charged with planting a bomb at school.

Mock Trial 2006 – State v. Kendall: The case of fast cars in Caneville

Mock Trial 2004 – State v. Martin: A criminal case where a student is charged with murder after a high school rock climber is found dead at the base of a cliff.

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