Oregon Civics Conference

The first Friday of each December is “Civic Education for Teachers” Day.  In honor of this state proclamation, Classroom Law Project hosts a Civics Conference at the State Capitol in Salem for educators at all levels.

Each year, participants get an insider’s view of the halls of Oregon government. From those who make laws to those who interpret them, this conference features officials from every branch. It is a day filled with everything you ever wanted to know about Oregon government from the mouths of elected and appointed officials, civic leaders, and scholars. Attendees receive lessons, materials, and ideas that can be put right to work in classrooms!

Don’t let cost dissuade you from attending the conference! We may be able to assist teachers with travel costs or sub-pay. If this is an issue for you, please contact office@classroomlaw.org.


*** New in 2015, Continues in 2016 ***

State legislators from every district are naming two exceptional teachers from their district to be their Civic Scholars. This is part of a statewide initiative to enhance high quality professional development in civic education for teachers. What will these special teachers receive for this honor?

  • Free registration fee
  • Sub pay
  • Travel assistance (gas and hotel!)
  • Recognition at the conference
  • Follow-up support throughout the year!
  • We’re looking forward to meeting all of our Civic Scholars in December!

CLP is working with Oregon legislators now to select the Scholars for this school year. You can make their task easier by nominating yourself.

Need to verify your who your legislator is? Use this handy tool.

Feel free to use this draft letter as a starting point.


Will it be you? Each year Classroom Law Project selects an extraordinary teacher to be honored as the Civics Educator of the Year. This educator anchors everyday activities in an extraordinary way to deliver the ultimate outcome: students who become well-informed, active citizens. Recent honorees include Nance Case, Terra Linda Elementary (2015), Amanda Alonzo, Madison HS (2014), and Drew Moneke, West Salem HS (2013).

Nominations for Civics Educator of the Year have closed.


Friday, December 1, 2017, State Capitol Building, Salem
The day begins at 8:15am with registration and coffee and concludes by 4:15pm.

Join us and learn more about Oregon courts and cases, the legislature, and the the executive branch. The conference will feature four breakout sessions with an all-new line-up of workshops, which will include classroom-ready lessons, materials, and ideas.

Last year’s workshops included: Post-Election Wrap-Up with OPB’s Jeff Mapes and Geoff Norcross; using Hamilton (the Musical) in the Classroom with teacher Karen Rouse; Oregon Tax Court: Its Judge Pulls Back the Curtain with Hon. Henry Breithaupt; Understanding Oregon’s Same Sex Marriage Case with the Governor’s Deputy General Counsel Misha Isaak; Project Citizen: A Place-Based Cooperative Work Civics Curriculum with teacher Sarah Anderson; Corrections Reform, a discussion with Oregon Chief Justice (retired) Paul De Muniz; Classroom Hearings: An Effective and Powerful Teaching Strategy with teacher Janell Cinquini; Civil Rights Division: Its Role in the OR AG’s Office with division director and attorney Erious Johnson; Teacher-Vetted Resources for Your Classroom with teacher-lawyer CLP Senior Program Manager Annie Finch; New Cases from the Oregon Supreme Court with Hon. Martha Walters; Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District: A Special Ed Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court with Hon. Sue Leeson; Malheur Trial with Ethan Knight, a prosecutor in the case; and more!


  • $50 – Registration (non-refundable) ~ free for 2017-18 Civic Scholars! ~
  • $25 – Registration half-price for two or more teachers from same building
  • $10 – Registration for currently enrolled full-time undergraduate or graduate student

TRAVEL & SUBSTITUTE ASSISTANCE (limited amount available; please apply early!)

  • For teachers traveling 150+ miles round trip:
    • $50 travel stipend
    • Hotel – up to $140/night, 2 nights maximum reimbursed with receipt.
  • Sub pay.  To receive sub pay, CLP requires a letter (email is fine) from an administrator attesting that there is no sub pay available and without this assistance you are unable to attend.


  • Morning coffee & lunch provided
  • PDUs available
  • Option to receive 0.5 credit from Lewis & Clark College (additional fee payable separately)

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2015 Workshop Handouts

All Those Offices, What Are They Already? Rep. Jennifer Williamson


Kremer & Abrams’ Presidential Election Preview, Marc Abrams & Rob Kremer

The Political Classroom, Janell Cinquini & Carmel Ross

New Cases from the Oregon Supreme Court, Hon. Jack Landau

Classroom Hearings Create Active Citizens, Nance Case & Karen Rouse

Jury Duty — More Four-Letter Words?, Hon. Marco Hernandez & Hon. Jean Maurer

Civics, Social Justice & Nonviolent Direct Action: Rebels with Causes, Hyung Nam & Chris Buehler

Very Cool Teacher-Vetter Resources, Tyler Kaltenbach

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