Mock Trial

Mock trials have proven to be an effective learning tool for students of all grade levels. It helps them understand the law, practice critical thinking, and gain greater confidence with public speaking by assuming the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a fictional criminal or civil trial. Participants experience first-hand the difficulties that judges, lawyers and juries face in determining which facts are relevant and what legal arguments are effective. 

 High School Competition


Village Home Education Resource Center Mock Trial Team – 2015 State Champions

Registration opens October 30, 2017.

Each year, more than 70 teams, totaling some 1,200 students, compete at regional, state and national levels — with support from more than 500 attorneys, educators and other community representatives acting as coaches, judges and coordinators.


Oct. 30    Competition registration opened

Nov. 13   CLP makes cases available to registered teams

Dec. 11   Last day to register before late fee begins

Jan. 8      Registration closes

Mar. 3     Regional competitions, statewide

Mar. 16-17   State competition, Portland

May 10-12    National competition, Reno, NV

 2017 MiniMock Trial – December 8, 2017

Registration period October 2-7, 2017.

MiniMock is a free, scrimmage-type event that gives students an opportunity to gain experience, try out new roles and skills, and encourages high schools to start a team.

Friday, December 8         approx. 5:00pm-9:00pm

Multnomah County Courthouse

1021 SW Fourth Ave., Portland, OR 97204


Oct. 2-7  MiniMock online registration period,

Oct. 10   Announce 32 teams selected from the lottery to participate in MiniMock

Dec. 8    MiniMock event at Multnomah County Courthouse

NEW THIS YEAR: Because demand exceeds capacity, Classroom Law Project will have a lottery to decide the 32 teams that will participate in the MiniMock event.

We strongly encourage schools to host their own MiniMock event. The MiniMock case materials are free and available to all.


  • MiniMock registration period is October 2-7.
  • Schools may register one or two teams.
  • Teams may be as large as desired; there is no limit on the number of students per team (unlike the competition)
  • For schools registering two teams, both teams will be in the event if the school’s name is drawn in the lottery. Since teams register as a single school (with one or two teams), no school is advantaged or disadvantaged in the lottery based on the number of teams it has. DO NOT register for two teams unless there will be two teams ready to go to trial on Dec. 8.

MiniMock Trial Materials

2016 MiniMock Trial Packet – Part One

2016 MiniMock Trial Packet – Part Two

Mock Trial Resources

Case Archive: For a list and access to previous mock trial cases, please click here.

DVD's of Previous Mock Trial Cases

Mock Trial Manual: For step by step instructions, lesson plans, and supplementary resources: Manual | Handouts | Appendix

Just interested in putting on a mock trial with your class or community group without the commitment of the competition?  Check out the extensive mock trial collection available for download on our Resource page.

2016-2017 Mock Trial Discussion List (listserv)

This is the place where official answers to questions asked by teams to the Mock Trial Listserv are posted. Answers appear approximately weekly, usually on Fridays. Official notices such as team letter codes and information specific to regions are also posted here.  Teams are responsible for information and announcements posted by Classroom Law Project to the Mock Trial Listserv and website.

MOST RECENT UPDATE: February 27, 2017, Q&A #4 and #5  ** Barring an emergency, this will be the last update before Regionals on March 4 **

Q & A

Question 1
Q: Can we split Exhibit 2 into two different exhibits or at least a 2A and 2B?
A: Exhibit 2 is one exhibit that can be referred to as page 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.

Question 2
Q: Is it stipulated that all exhibits are authentic?
A: Yes; it is stipulated that all exhibits are authentic.

Question 3
Q: Should all employees of Buddy’s Burgers have knowledge of opening and closing times…even if not stipulated in their affidavit?
A: Each witness is bound by the facts in his or her own affidavit. If knowledge of opening and closing times is not explicit but may be reasonably inferred, then, yes, the witness may have such knowledge. If it cannot be reasonably inferred, then, no, the witness would not have such knowledge. (Rule 3).

Question 4
Q: Is it a violation of rule 19 for Buddie Gartowski to use a fake accent?
A: Rule 19 says that the ruling of the judging panel is final; its applicability to this question is circuitous. If the questioner meant to ask whether use of an accent is a violation of Rule 15, “… no props …”, it probably is not a violation. This, however, is where Rule 19 circles back. Some judges may think an accent is just dandy, others may disagree for a variety of reasons. CLP would, therefore, recommend ditching the accent.

Question 5
Q: Are there 2 calendars at BB, one in the office and the events calendar by the door, or is Landry’s testimony that (s)he checked the office calendar (page 17, line 18) accurate?
A: Landry’s affidavit is a signed, sworn statement of his or her recollection of the facts.

Regional Information

Following is a list of the teams and the regions to which they have been assigned. Find your school on the list and check for your region, team colors (if you have 2 or 3 teams), etc. As always, if there is any change in your team’s plan to compete, please notify Classroom Law Project immediately because it affects a lot of planning.

Team information will be updated regularly.

Each team has a letter code. This two-letter code is how teams are identified during the regional and state competitions. Please be sure parents and supporters know their team’s letter code.

All regional competitions are Saturday, March 4, at the county courthouse in the county indicated below.
The state competition is Friday afternoon, March 17, and Saturday, March 18, in Portland. See the bottom of the regional list for schedule information.

Clackamas County – 12 (3 to state)

Regional Coordinator: attorney Bill Knox,
Location: Clackamas County Courthouse
807 Main Street, Oregon City, OR   97045
Schedule: Student Orientation 8:00, RD 1 begins 8:30, RD 2 10:45, RD 3 1:30

  1. Colton High School – JN
  2. David Douglas High School Grey – DD
  3. Lake Oswego High School Navy – DW
  4. Lake Oswego High School White – GG
  5. Lakeridge High School Blue – AY
  6. Lakeridge High School Gold –  BW
  7. Lakeridge High School White –  HH
  8. Reynolds High School –  LZ
  9. Sandy High School Black –  MN
  10. St. Stephen’s Academy –  PR  (Thank you, St. Stephens, for moving to the Clackamas Region to avoid the bye!)
  11. West Linn High School Gold – BR
  12. West Linn High School Green –  CW

Deschutes County – 5 (1 to state)

Regional Coordinators: attorney Angie Lee,, assisted by attorney Casey Baxter, , and Judge Ashby,
Location: Deschutes County Courthouse
1100 NW Bond St, Bend, OR 97703
Schedule: Student Orientation 8:15, RD 1 begins 8:30, RD 2 11:00, RD 3 1:45

  1. Bend Senior High Blue – AC
  2. Bend Senior High Gold –  BG
  3. Bend Senior High Rose – TT
  4. Cascades Academy –  IQ
  5. Summit High School  –  CC

Eastern Oregon – 3 (1 to state)

Regional Coordinator: Union County District Attorney Kelsie McDaniel,
Location: Union County Courthouse
1105 K Ave, La Grande, OR 97850
Schedule: RD 1 begins 8:30, RD 2 10:45, RD 3 2:00

  1. Baker High School – II
  2. La Grande High School – KK
  3. Vale High School – QQ

Jackson County – 8 (2 to state)

Regional Coordinator:  attorney Justin Rosas,
Location: Jackson County Courthouse
100 S Oakdale Ave, Medford, OR 97501
Schedule: Student Orientation 8:00,  RD 1 begins at 8:30,  RD 2 10:45,  RD 3 2:00

  1. Crater Academy of Health & Public Services Black – AA
  2. Crater Academy of Health & Public Services Orange – EE
  3. Grants Pass High School Blue –  AE
  4. Grants Pass High School White –  GB
  5. Hidden Valley High School –  KB
  6. St. Mary’s School Blue – AZ
  7. St. Mary’s School White – HR
  8. St. Mary’s School Red – DV

Linn County – 5 (1 to state)

Regional Coordinators: attorney Kristen Sager-Kottre,, assisted by Danyelle Petermen,, and Judge Delsman,
Location: Linn County Courthouse
300 SW 4th Ave, Albany, OR 97321
Schedule: Student Orientation 8:15,  RD 1 begins at 8:30,  RD 2 10:30,  RD 3 1:30

  1. Salem-Keizer Coalition  –  MM
  2. South Eugene High School –  NN
  3. West Salem High School Green  – CX
  4. West Salem High School White – GU
  5. Willamette High School – SS

Multnomah County – 18 (4 to state)

Regional Coordinator: Barbara Rost,, and everyone at Classroom Law Project
Location: Multnomah County Courthouse
1021 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Schedule: Student Orientation 9:00,  RD 1 begins at 9:05,  RD 2  11:45,  RD 3 2:15  Announcement of Advancing Teams 4:30

  1. Central Catholic High School –  IR
  2. Cleveland High School Gold – BH
  3. Cleveland High School Green – BX
  4. Franklin High School – JQ
  5. Grant High School Blue – AD
  6. Grant High School Gray –  DT
  7. Jefferson High School Blue – AF
  8. Jefferson High School Gold – BI
  9. Lincoln High School Red – EV
  10. Lincoln High School White –  GQ
  11. Parkrose High School – LO
  12. Riverdale High School Blue –  AU
  13. Riverdale High School White –  GT
  14. St. Mary’s Academy Blue – BB
  15. St. Mary’s Academy White –  HS
  16.  St. Mary’s Academy Silver –  FT
  17. Scappoose High School – MY
  18. Wilson High School –  TK

Washington County – 14 (3 to state)

Regional Coordinators: Elizabeth Lemoine,, assisted by Judge Erwin,
Location: Jackson County Courthouse
145 NE. 2nd Ave. Hillsboro, OR. 97124
Schedule: Doors open 7:00, Orientation 8:00, RD 1 8:30, RD 2 11:15, RD 3 2:00

  1. Catlin Gabel School Blue – AX
  2. Catlin Gabel School White –  HD
  3. Catlin Gabel School Silver –  FS
  4. Jesuit High School Black – AB
  5. Jesuit High School Green –  CY
  6. Jesuit High School Gold –  BT
  7. Oregon Episcopal School – LL
  8. School of Science and Technology – MZ
  9. Southridge High School – OO
  10. Sunset High School Gold –  BK
  11. Sunset High School Purple – ES
  12. Valor Christian International – RR
  13. Village Home Cobalt – BF
  14. Village Home Scarlet –  FF

State Competition Schedule, March 17-18

Location: Hatfield Federal Courthouse, 1000 SW Third Ave., Portland OR 97204

Fri., Mar. 17
3:15  Student Orientation
3:30 Parents and Friends’ Orientation
4:00 Round 1

Sat., Mar. 18
7:30 Doors open
8:30 Round 2
11:00 Round 3
2:00 Final championship round

Teams competing at State (by region) include:


  • Lake Oswego Navy DW
  • Lakeridge HS Blue AY
  • West Linn Gold BR
  • West Linn Green CW


  • Cascades Academy IQ

Eastern  Oregon

  • Baker HS II


  • Grants Pass HS Blue AE
  • St. Mary’s School Blue AZ


  • West Salem HS Green CX


  • Grant HS Blue AD
  • Lincoln HS White GQ
  • Riverdale HS Blue AU
  • St. Mary’s Academy Blue BB


  • Catlin Gabel School Blue AX
  • Jesuit HS Gold BT
  • Village Home Cobalt BF

 Registration for High School Competition

Registration closed.