Bob & Marilyn Ridgley’s $100,000 Matching Reach Challenge

reach-of-clp-campaign-3_smallExtend the reach of Classroom Law Project

Classroom Law Project co-founders Bob and Marilyn Ridgley have reached out, offering donors an opportunity to enhance their gifts through a generous matching challenge. The goal of the Reach Challenge is to secure a larger, stable funding base for Classroom Law Project, supporting our ongoing work in support of civic education.

…and the reach of your gift!

As Classroom Law Project begins our 2016 Annual Fund Campaign, we are excited to offer donors an opportunity to stretch your gifts. Thanks to the generosity of the Ridgleys, all new and increased donations made to this campaign will receive a 50% match. This means that a new gift of $500 will grow to $750.

When we reach $200,000 in new and expanded donations, we can fully realize their $100,000 match. That makes this a $300,000 fundraising program. Every donation counts!

Help us kick off the Reach Challenge in style!

Respond strong to the Reach Challenge. Help us reach our $50,000 launch goal by December 31, 2016, and get us off to a fast start on the match.

Your donation to the Annual Fund Campaign helps Classroom Law Project pursue our mission to build strong communities by teaching students to become active citizens. We offer quality professional development services for teachers and outstanding learning opportunities for students all over Oregon. Last year our activities reached over 880 teachers and 63,000 students. Help us expand that reach with your generous donation.



gg-main-badgeWe’re proud to partner with Willamette Week again this year, allowing donors to make their contributions safely and easily online through the Give!Guide. Please visit today to make your donation.

You can also donate through our website or by check:

Questions? Contact Robert Hulshof-Schmidt, Director of Development and Communications at 503.224.4424 or