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If you’re looking for ways to continue the discussion of last week’s school shooting, DACA, or other hot topics, take a look at this week’s current event. We hope it can help. Brought to teachers by Susie Marcus, CLP consultant, with CLP staff. CLP CURRENT EVENTS: February 20, 2018 TOPIC:  COMMON SENSE CAUCUS NEWS SOURCES (11 total) […]


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We know you can Google the news. And we know you know how to make connections between current events and what you are teaching. But wouldn’t it be nice if another teacher did the homework for you?

Another teacher has. Retired teacher and CLP consultant  Susie Marcus along with CLP staff are doing the work for you.

Susie and Barbara connect the Constitution, government, and principles of democracy to a recent news events. Insightful prompts, connections to standards and more keep teachers returning to this resource.

Here are some of the reasons teachers rely on CLP Current Events week after week:

  • Reliable source for appropriate current events to use in class. Ever suffer through student-selected stories of little Fluffy or, worse, the felon next door? Suffer no longer; appropriateness is no longer a worry.
  • Balanced reporting with a story that has been vetted. Leaving the selecting to Susie and CLP assures that you will get a story that looks at multiple views or offers additional sources to learn more.
  • Interesting stories with Constitutional connections. Being interesting or entertaining is not enough. That is why we include connections to the Constitution and other government and civics principles so that you get the most of precious instructional time.
  • Regular, weekly appearance. Since you can rely upon teacher-vetted current events landing in your inbox every week, you are free to do other things. Consider it CLP’s gift of time for you.
  • Connections to the Constitution, state standards, and We the People* text. Check, check, check. All three every week. You can depend on it.

*We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, Level 3, 4th Ed., 2016, and Level 2, 2017, Center for Civic Education.

CLP Current Events GOALS

  • Promote interest and dialogue about current issues
  • Connect current issues and citizenship in a democracy
  • Provide vetted resources to teachers and students
  • Encourage civil discussion about the news by asking open-ended questions that reflect democratic values (such as justice, equality, responsibility, participation)
  • Stimulate a continuing awareness of events locally, nationally and globally
 We at Classroom Law Project want educators to know that, when framing weekly current events for you and your students, we carefully consider all news sources with the expectation that, taken together, teachers will have well thought out articles that advance multiple viewpoints. We also aim to offer a positive perspective – an important lens given the world in which we live and how we want our students to learn.