Track this CLP Current Event from peaceful protests, to declarations made and renounced, to jail and bail, and more. This is a complicated world event! If you can read just three things, CLP recommends starting with an overview in BBC’s Catalonia Crisis in 300 Words (News Sources), then learning about the colorful, embattled leaders in Rajoy vs Puigdemont: A Profile of Two Leaders from Sky News (Background & More), and finishing with a cliffhanger, Catalonia: Spanish Judge Jails Top Catalan Official Over Rebellion Charges, from Independent (UK) (News Sources). What will happen next? Brought to teachers by Susie Marcus, CLP consultant, with CLP staff.

CLP CURRENT EVENTS: November 14, 2017


The Catalan region of Spain is in the northeastern corner of the country and is known for both beach resorts and snow-capped mountains. Barcelona, the capital, has an historic Gothic Quarter, La Rambla pedestrian mall, museums and beaches. It is over 12,000 square miles in size and a population of 7.5 million.

se·ces·sion səˈseSHən/noun

the action of withdrawing formally from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state.   “the republics want secession from the union”

History: mid-16th century (denoting the withdrawal of plebeians from ancient Rome in order to compel the patricians to redress their grievances)


NEWS SOURCES (10 total)

Catalonia Crisis in 300 Words, from BBC News, Oct. 30, 2017
“Catalonia’s drive for independence has plunged Spain into its biggest political crisis for 40 years. It’s a complicated dispute, so let’s break it down…”
CLP: start here for an excellent, short explanation.

Factbox: Catalonia Crisis – What’s Next?, by Reuters Staff, Reuters, Oct. 27
“Spain on Friday sacked Catalonia’s regional government, dissolved the Catalan Parliament and called a snap election in the region for Dec. 21, in a bid to draw a line under the country’s worst political crisis in 40 years. Below are several scenarios of what could happen in the next few days….”
CLP: helpful explanation of the meaning of a possible secession.

Catalonia’s Ousted Leader Calls for Peaceful Defiance
by Raphael Minder, Patrick Kingsley and Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, New York Times, Oct. 28, 2017
“In a defiant message, Catalonia’s ousted leader, Carles Puigdemont, called on Saturday for Catalans to unite in peaceful ‘democratic opposition’ after the Spanish central government took control of the restive region …”
CLP: call for peaceable protest.

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  • Where is Catalonia?
  • What is the history of the Catalonian independence movement?
  • What is the history of the Spanish Civil War and how might it affect events in 2017? How do countries deal with anti-democratic pasts? How do countries define patriotism and nationalism?
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