There is no net, and everyone seems to be for it or against it with little to no neutral space between. So what is net neutrality? A federal agency’s ruling in December will have impact across the country and perhaps the world. Access this week’s CLP Current Event to explore News Sources, Background, and more for everything from FAQs to who is suing whom. Brought to teachers by Susie Marcus, CLP consultant, with CLP staff.

CLP CURRENT EVENTS: January 9, 2018


NEWS SOURCES (8 total)

Net Neutrality Repeal: What Could Happen and How It Could Affect You, by Steve Lohr, New York Tmes, Nov. 21 2017
(Updated: On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality, rules that regulated the businesses that connect consumers to the internet.)
“For you and me, the repeal of net neutrality can be boiled down to two questions: What might happen? And whom do you trust? Here’s our guide for internet users looking for answers…”
CLP: This is helpful!

F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules, by Celia Kang, the New York Times, Dec. 14, 2017
“The (FCC) dismantle(s) rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet, granting broadband companies the power to potentially reshape Americans’ online experiences… “There is a lot of misinformation that this is the ‘end of the world as we know it’ …” Comcast’s senior executive vice president, David Cohen, wrote in a blog post this week. “Our internet service is not going to change.” But with the F.C.C. making clear that it will no longer oversee the behavior of broadband providers, telecom experts said, the companies could feel freer to come up with new offerings, such as faster tiers of service for online businesses willing and able to pay for it…”
CLP: START HERE for an overview of what happened. Though published under Technology section, not Opinion, it is critical of the FCC decision.

As FCC Prepares Net-Neutrality Vote, Study Finds Millions of Fake Comments, by Brian Naylor, National Public Radio, Dec. 14, 2017
“It seems like a lot of Americans are interested in the net-neutrality debate. Some 22 million public comments have been filed with the Federal Communications Commission on the issue of whether all web traffic should be treated equally… But, it turns out, much of that public input is not what it appears. The Pew Research Center took a close look at the comments… 94 percent of the comments ‘were submitted multiple times, and in some cases those comments were submitted many hundreds of thousands of times.’”
CLP: IMPORTANT. Consider the implications of Americans’ public comments to government agencies being hacked.

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  • What is net neutrality? Why does it matter to me?
  • What is the FCC?
  • What are the arguments to keep net neutrality?
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