IMG_1375Classroom Law Project holds workshops throughout the year to help teachers, attorneys, and others prepare students for Mock Trial, We the People, Project Citizen and more! Interested in having a workshop in your school or community? Contact us at or (503) 224-4424.

Project Citizen

Project Citizen Workshops (Grades 5-12) Project Citizen is an interdisciplinary curriculum for upper elementary, middle and high school students designed to teach responsible participation in local and state government. Students work cooperatively to identify a public policy problem in their community, evaluate possible solutions, and develop an action plan for local government leaders to use in address the problem. The work culminates with a class portfolio and mock public hearing that can be part of the Oregon Project Citizen Showcase.

Project Citizen Workshop – Eugene – February 10, 2018 (Registration open!)

We the People

We the People Workshop (Grades 5-12)  In this hands-on, interactive workshop, teachers learn how to implement the acclaimed We the People curriculum from experienced teachers and Classroom Law Project experts.  Click here to learn more about the We the People curriculum.

We the People Coaches’ Workshop Review the state hearing questions with fellow teachers and attorneys. All teachers, teacher-coaches, attorney-coaches, and other colleagues working with students as they prepare for simulated congressional hearings, both competitive and non-competitive, should attend.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial Workshop for Teachers Its connection with the Common Core is strong. Students practice necessary critical analysis skills (viewing an issue from multiple views, for example) while advancing content (U.S. judicial system, science concepts via trials with science themes) and practicing necessary literacy (reading, writing, persuasive writing and speaking, etc.). Mock trial works because it engages students on many levels and it is fun! Click here for more information on upcoming mock trial workshops.

Other Upcoming Workshops

Controversial Issues/Free Speech Workshop – Portland – November 4, 2017 (Registration open!)

Juvenile Justice/Search & Seizure Workshop – Tigard – February 3, 2018 (Registration open!)